frequently ask questions

DEMOLITION ZONE is a place you go to break stuff in a controlled environment for entertainment or stress relief. We provide all the safety gear as well as glass and electronics to demolate.

DEMOLITION ZONE provides a Full controlled environment where one can express their anger and frustrations without judgement or consequences. It’s also a great experience and fantastic source of entertainment.

Only approved DEMOLITION ZONE equipment is permitted. Leave your baseball bat at home, we’ve got you covered.

Our First priority at DEMOLITION ZONE Rage Room is safety. We provide all necessary safety gear. We also provide tools/materials that are not harmful to humans in any way.

No. We do not claim to offer any sort of therapy service. This place should not be interpreted as a substitution for therapy.

Make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes like tennis shoes or boots (something that covers the entire foot). All other safety gear will be provided.